Identifying use cases and product evaluation dimensions for Voice User Interface (VUI) at Home

ARÇELİK A.Ş. - Industrial Design Division | 2018

The aim of the study was to identify possible use cases for Voice User Interface (VUI) at home. Within this scope, possible use cases for connectivity at home were explored based on users’ needs and expectations. In addition to this aim, the study also explored how users perceive current home assistants, such as Amazon Echo and Google, in order to understand product evaluation dimensions for such devices. The study involved a literature review on the state-of-the-art issues, technologies, products and user research methods regarding VUI; a multistage contextual inquiry at home; and an online survey. As a result of the study, potential roles for VUI at home were identified together with use cases that the roles are applied.

A framework for trust in design and long term acceptance of smart products: Vitra V-Care Smart Toilet Case

Vitra Innovation Center | 2017 | Teknotez Project with MSc. Student: Meriç Dağlı

This study aimed to develop a framework for trust in design to maintain long term acceptance of smart products. Within the scope of the study, to observe long term user experience, Vitra V-Care Smart Toilet was selected as a case. The results involved user evaluations of the smart toilet, dimensions of trust in smart toilet interaction and longitudinal evaluation of user acceptance for this product.

Developing a roadmap for Dishwasher Rack Design

BSH Home Appliances Turkey | 2015

The study aimed to develop a roadmap for dishwasher rack design. The roadmap includes design challenges and recommendations for future designs based on user needs and expectations. In-depth interviews and cultural probes were conducted with dishwasher users to understand and observe their experiences. An information system is developed for delivering the results of the research project.