Procedure and Methodology Advisory for the Integration of User Insight Generation Process into R&D Processes

ARÇELİK, Ankara Dishwasher Division | 2017

The study aimed to develop a procedure on the integration of user insight generation into R&D processes. Within this procedure, it was also aimed to provide guidance on how user insights can maintain decision support, when choosing alternative concepts and products. As a result of the study, a procedure was proposed and steps were introduced when choosing methodology for generating user insights.

User Requirement Analysis and Dashboard Design for Public Buses

SANTEZProject, Funded by TUBİTAK | 2006 - 2009

The main objective of the project was to establish cooperation between the Turkish Automotive Industry and Academia to establish know-how and experience that would support the automotive design efforts. The first phase included a review of literature, collecting reference documents and standards, and developing a guiding document on automotive design. Then the TEMSA public bus was analyzed comparatively with the competing models. This study was followed by a contextual research on gathering driver and passenger requirements, as well as to explore contextual factors affecting bus usage. In the next phase, user requirements and problems regarding the driver cabin and bus dashboard were collected with a lab study. The findings of the study were synthesized together with the literature findings to define the design criteria for the driver cabin to be produced. Following the production of the design model, it was evaluated with expert analysis using the previously defined evaluation criteria and computer supported ergonomics software. The reviews based on these analyses were used in the prototype development by the firm in the next phase. In the final stage, the driver cabin and dashboard prototype were evaluated using eye-tracking and user interviews.