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Exploring Technology Mediated Human-Canine Interactions to Foster Canine Well-being in Domestic Settings

BAP TEZ Project | 2020-2022

As with the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT), wearable technologies are expanding to include animals promising to enrich the everyday lives of both humans and animals through the smart experiences they offer. Among the variety of IoT devices on the market, wearables are one of the most popular ones. Both the number of wearable devices intended for animal use and their users has grown in the last decade and is expected to do so in the upcoming years. However, despite the increasing number of user research studies on wearable technologies for humans, there are a limited number of studies on pet activity trackers and their impact on both the lifestyles of pet owners and animal well-being. In this project, it is aimed to investigate how canine wearables providing health related information for owners affect human-canine bond through a longitudinal study with 30 participants. Based on the findings and insights that will be gained throughout the study, it is aimed to develop a conceptual framework as a guide for designing technologies which mediate human-animal interaction.