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METU/BILTIR Product Usability Unit is a not-for-profit research unit which carries out user-centered design research studies. UTEST merges an academic infrastructure with design practice, to serve for two purposes: Developing academic know-how and giving design and research consultancy to product developers.



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User Centered Design is the product development approach that regards user characteristics and aims to develop products that conform to user needs and expectations . This approach is applied by most of the successful brands and firms in the market today to provide satisfactory user experience.


UTEST collaborates with product developers during the early product design stages as well as the late stages with a User Centered Design Approach. Our goal is to achieve user satisfaction and successful product design through doing necessary user research, product tests and providing design consultancy.


Expert analyses, user studies, field research and observation, laboratory tests with product models/prototypes and product evaluations are the main services that we provide. With a wide spectrum of studies, we aim to define the problems in the early stages of product development and provide realistic solutions.


We provide consultancy services through long-term collaborative studies for ensuring our partners to provide a successful user experience by developing a user-centered design approach in the long run.


The research methology and techniques applied may vary according to the product range, contextual factors that affect product use, sector profile and the design problem. UTEST approaches each design problem specifically and aims to develop targeted solutions, together with applicable information that our partners can use in the long term.