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Welcome to METU UTEST Page

METU/BILTIR Product Usability Unit is a not-for-profit research unit which carries out user-centered design research studies. UTEST merges an academic infrastructure with design practice, to serve for two purposes: Developing academic know-how and giving design and research consultancy to product developers.


  • User Research on Smart Toilets

    Our MSc. student Meriç Dağlı is carrying out research on Smart Toilets. Stay tuned for the details!

  • PhD Graduates

    Gülşen Töre-Yargın (on 29th of January) and Armağan Kuru (on 6th of February) finished their PhD and graduated from Middle East Technical University, Department of Industrial Design through supervision of the Head of our Unit Çiğdem Erbuğ.